To laugh or not to laugh …What kind of a show are you looking for?

He’s not a stand-up comic but if you want an entire show of musical comedy and humor, just ask.

The humor is clean, and can be tailored around impersonations, hilarious characters, audience participation, parodies, physical humor or even a combination of them all.

The difficulty is deciding what direction to go, but whatever it is, Tony has probably done it.

” Our clients are all CEO’s of major financial institutes and we asked Tony if he could do a show without bringing them up… did he ever. It was amazing and we realized we’ve been hiring the wrong people.”

OrganizationIMG_2532s have used Tony for his humor, motivational skills, his voice, fundraising and emcee ability. The amazing gift is that he can do each of them well.

He’s a master of audience participation and picking the right person for the right job. The outcome is always hilarious with every audience thinking “How long did you practice that?” There is never any practice and the set up is simply based on a feeling Tony has about the person he picks. No pre-selection, no rehearsal.

He’s also created characters who have been making people laugh from coast to coast. The characters have become a sort of Americana-based idiom that feature humorous issues they seem to relate to.

The musical humor stems from parodies, a marriage of the impersonation aspect, as well a story or two that may find its way back to a song.

“We are very excited to host such an energizing and eclectic performer. We’re offering our guests a jam-packed evening of fine entertainment all rolled up into one outrageous Tony Pace performance.” –  Ron Thacker, President, Tropicana Las Vegas

“I’ve never seen anyone with the ability to work an audience like you. Tony Pace is a master at audience involvement.” – Vin Di Bona, Executive Producer, Americas Funniest Videos

“His comedic timing and material is nothing short of amazing and hilarious.” – Craig Neier, Owner of Catch a Rising Star

See him for yourself!